Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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To name four neat things about my hometown- Detroit.

Thinking ...

1) The "Hummer" was invented here. No, not that Hummer, but an ice cream drink with rum and Kahlua. They are delicious, but I think I made about 500,000 of them in my bartending career, and the mere thought of 'em now gives me nightmares.

2) Detroit is, actually, NORTH of Canada. Or, at least a little bit of Canada.

3) Detroit has HUNDREDS of Coney Island restaurants. Some really suck (mostly the chain-owned ones), but the best and most famous are a pair that sit right next to each other in downtown Detroit. Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island were opened by brothers 70 years ago, and are still both family owned. True Detroiters will claim loyalty to one or the other (Lafayette for me.) Don't go here if you're hungary for images of the side-by-side legends in addition to the gastronomic delight that is the coney dog.


Ok, I'll have to think up another good one. River Rat , help a girl out ...

So- I tag anyone reading this.


Yes, River Rat came up with a #4 for me - Saturday trips to Eastern Market. Practically downtown (across a major street or two) sits Eastern Market, which fills with vendors from Spring through Fall. You can get great deals as the day passes, since no one wants to load stuff back into their trucks.) And, in a few weeks, it will be FLOWER DAY! Last year, my sister and mom went, and brought me back that praying mantis pod (remember, I posted a picture of one of my little babies?) But, mostly it is just one of those unique experiences of Detroit. Surrounding the vendor's hall are other Detroit Gems. Rafal's is a spice store- where you can get everything imaginable in just the quantities you desire. Two teaspoons of paprika? Fine by them. I grew up just a short walk from this market. Thanks for the suggestion, RR.

(Eastern Market link fixed)