Monday, April 03, 2006

Leo's Challenge

From comments, in the post where I ridicule Scientology.

You could start with explaining how you think what you believe is true while what Tom, Katie et al is nonsense. Pay particular attention to the bit about an invisible deity creating the universe in 6 days, talking snakes, walking on water, reincarnation, water into wine...

I see no difference between Christianity and Scientology, except Christianity is probably cheaper to be a member of.

I am not the best to argue issues of faith (especially with an atheist), but my starting point would be that the founder of Scientology admitted that he made it up. And, that the rules (such as those regarding birth and breast feeding) are idiotic.

I suppose to an non-believer, one set of religious belief's might seem as silly as the next. But, if you can't see the difference between a religious "faith" and a money-sucking cult than I can't really help you.

Personally, I can attend church EVERY day of the week without dropping a penny into the collection basket. I could go to confession, receive communion and attend all the church socials without Father Tim showing up at my door with his hand out. I could "get some God" for free if I wanted. Could the same be said for a member of Scientology?

* I do give, in reality, what I can afford