Friday, April 07, 2006

Great idea

Let's let more of these people in.

Here's a bit from their Mexica Movement Philosophy:

They rob us every day
They rape us
with assimilation.
Assimilation is the slow motion kill.
Assimilation means marrying white
to kill the brown in us, to kill the heart of us.
Assimilation means the end of us.
Assimilation sucks us down into the white race.
Assimilation kills our race.
Assimilation is the death of us.
Assimilation is racism.

Assimilation is Genocide.

Good thing they're not racist. Anyway, they plan on kicking all us Criollo (that's you Canadians too - you're not free and clear of this genocide) out and reclaiming their Aztec past.

Good luck with that.