Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What a loverly rant

Rantings of a Sandmonkey gets a star for having the most delicious rant. One of the most anti-American Iraqi bloggers is Raed. Well, guess where he has moved? To the home of the Great Satan, of course:

So, to all of you America-Hating Arab Heroes out there, please don’t be Hypocrites and move there. If you hate the US that much, I have a simple piece of advice for you: LEAVE, or even better, DON’T EVER MOVE THERE. If you hate America and love Iran, move to Iran. If you hate America and love Iraq, then stay in Iraq. If you are a socialist professor, move to Canada: they are socialists and they speak English. And if you are a communist, please remember that the US is a capitalist country before you apply for the green card and move instead to the communist Paradise that is Cuba or North Korea right this minute. Just don’t go and live in a country you openly hate, attack and despise, and whose values do not reflect your own. It either means that you are an Idiot or a hypocrite, if not both.

Really, though, I believe this message should apply to all of the US haters out there. Of course, once most of Hollywood has moved to Cuba, we might have a few years of slim pickins at the movie theaters, but I think it will be well worth the sacrifice.

h/t: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"