Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This just in- Arab street demands return to the 8th century

In recent days, peaceful protests over the cartoons have escalated into outrage and bloodshed.

Cartoons lead to bloodshed.

Depicting the Prophet is prohibited by Islam but moderate Muslims, while condemning the cartoons, have expressed fears radicals are hijacking the affair which has developed into a clash over press freedom and religious respect.

Are they just getting around to the idea that radicals are hijacking their religions? This JUST NOW is occurring to them?

Another person was killed on Tuesday when Afghan police opened fire on a crowd, enraged by the cartoons, which tried to storm a NATO peacekeeping base housing Norwegian troops, while across the border in Pakistan, 10,000 people rallied.

I am sorry, but these people are too stupid for words. They are attacking, threatening, and killing people who are geographically related to someone who made a cartoon that hurt their feelings.

At least six people have now been killed in protests in Somalia, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Volatile rallies have swept across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Militants in Iraq have called for the seizure and killing of Danes and the boycott of Danish goods. In London, there were placards demanding the beheading of those who insulted Islam.

Beheadings for cartoons. These are Michael Moore's "Minutemen." Much has been made of the fact that these protesters are a small, but vocal and violent minority. How come this excuse is never used when the KKK rallies? Or when a wacko-prolifer kills and abortionist? Certainly this "small minority" dwarfs either of those right-wing boogiemen. The time has come for the moderate muslims to take control of their religion.