Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympics anyone?

I have to say I've been glued to my set all weekend watching the Olympics. I don't normally, but since I'm still recovering, I've watched basically everything I can.

Nordic pursuit, now THAT is a race. I'm probably the only one here who watched it, but the men's 30 K race was very exciting. At the start, the defending Olympic champion got tangled up in the mass start, and left the "stadium" dead last. It looked, at first, as if dropping out of the race was his only option. But Frode Estil, with the help of his Norwegian skiers, came back and won the silver. How did his teammates help? They took the lead of the mass pack, and slowed them down. It was an amazing race (I was going to take a nap, but the start of the race got me going.) Not an American among 'em, though, that I could see. Cross-country skiing just isn't "cool" enough for us, I guess.

Not like the "Half-pipe"; a sport we pretty much owned during the last Olympics. Generally, I'm put off by the 'tude of the athletes of such a sport, but that Sean White guy is pretty likable.

And, I might be one cold b*tch, but ENOUGH about Michelle Kwan. I get it, she was injured- she's upset, she can't skate. Didn't we kinda know this was the case before she even went? Didn't she go before a panel swearing she was going to be better in time, but surprise -she's NOT. If she hadn't been a big name, she would have never been there anyway. I think three days of headlines, and "touching" stories are enough.