Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Detroit Zoo picture taken by Moi

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This is the zoo that has been called "substandard" by some asshat named Jon Etnyre, from Sterling Heights, in today's Detroit News. I would be interested in knowing when was the last time this asshat visited the zoo? He recommended, in his letter to the editor, that we close it up. I recommend, in my blog, that Etnyre have a big cup of STFU.

In more balance reporting of the Zoo issue, Barbara Rose Collins has upped her racisit rhetoric, saying that my (new) hero L Brooks Patterson suggested that the council members were monkeys to be put in a cage. Correction, Mrs. Collins, I think that it was me who made that suggestion.

Says Brooks;
I can criticize Granholm. I can criticize Ficano, but if you dare say anything about the city of Detroit, it's racist."


In the most HILARIOUS comment (and one that I suggested yesterday) spokesman Sam Riddle for Monica Conyers (someone please explain to me why they need spokesmen; can someone say "bloated staffs?") said:

The administration keeps wanting council to vote on something they've not had time to review. It disrespects the City Council.

Got that? It disrespects To disrespect, new verb. I would think that a spokesman would speak better, wouldn't you? Even if it were a "real" verb, who gives a flying yahoo if the city council members are not treated with proper respect (note the usage there Mr. Riddle.) Respect is earned. The Detroit City council has not earned such respect.

Nor will they be given it merely because of the color of their skin. I thought there was something about "content of their character" that was supposed to be ultimately of importance.