Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What did I say?

I dunno, what did I say? I made a comment yesterday that the vote, by the city council, to reject the mayor's plan to save the zoo by transferring the daily operations to the Detroit Zoological Society, was in part a "racial" issue. That the city council rejects anything supported by the suburbs out of some misplaced "black pride." Well, well, well, what do we hear today? in defending her "no" vote, idiot council member Barbara Rose Collins said:

"This is not a plantation. "We are not owned by everyone else. Black folks are not owned by white folks anymore.

So, her vote to close the zoo (in essence) was her "fight the power" moment to stick it to the "white guy" who wants to keep the zoo open. I mean, after all, the zoo isn't limited to visits by black Detroit people. White people go there all the time. Yes, keeping the zoo open by transferring out of Detroit was a HUGE RACIST PLOT. I would joke that we were going to start an exhibition of black children at the zoo but given the irrational thinking of 10 of the 12 Detroit City Council members, they wouldn't figure out that I was merely following their outrageous "the suburbs are trying to be our slave-masters" way of thinking.

Facts- the city is out of money and it's only option is to close the zoo unless it gets "out" of the business. To Collins, this is tantamount to being a slave, so she chooses closing. Any questions?