Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Women all suck

Well, that's at least what Steve seems to think. We're all out to get their precious sperm and steal their money. Love and companionship? Apparently that isn't what we're after. It's just babies and big houses.

I won't deny that there are women like this. But, I can spot them a mile away (why can't you?) Men who end up with these women ask for it. I could warn you about them, but you probably wouldn't listen. Most likely they are gorgeous, or are great in bed. Until they screw you over, you are slave to your male ego and base hormonal urges. The good women usually aren't flashy, and their big boobs mights be hidden under a heavy sweater. Most likely, they won't go dirty dancing on you at a bar. Heck, chances are on a friday night, they're at a movie. Or a church function. They probably don't flirt well, which is why you don't notice them.

I don't have the answers. I'm just explaining why you can't find them.