Monday, July 11, 2005

Tomato saga, vol 19874567387

Hopefully, this is the last installment of "The Tomato Diaries." But, I went out to water my tomatoes, and the fence was done, and two plants were missing. I strolled into over the fence, into the other yard and there were my plants- PLANTED- and the two containers tossed to the side. Master criminal, this girl is not. I started yelling to my husband, and then I noticed that there actually was someone in the yard. A "resident." I asked her to get me someone who supervises "Shannon" (AKA- The Tomato Thief.) I told her the whole story (she had some details herself - like telling me about the grand fried green tomato Shannon had cooked while I was gone -grrrr.) Anyway, The Tomato Thief won't be outside unaccompanied anymore, and they are going to get someone to fix my fence.

The home, apparently, is a group home. Not a large one, because it's just a regular house. Boy, I'm so happy the nice family who used to live there sold it to the state, or whoever.