Monday, July 11, 2005

A fascist by any other name

A fascist by any other name is still a fascist. That's why I found this so interesting :

The Left refuses to acknowledge Islamic fascism precisely because it comes from the left side of the political spectrum. The intellectual Left is so entirely focused on the possibility of fascism’s entry from the right that they refuse to see the comprehensive Islamist strategy for what it is. The thinking seems to be that if various Muslims support leftist political causes, then all is right with the Muslim world. Most people on the Left and the Right, still think that accommodation of at least some Muslim demands is necessary and appropriate. A lot of people buy into the notion that the enemy can be appeased -- by pulling our forces out of Iraq for example. They don’t understand that pulling out of Iraq in response to Islamist demands would only embolden them, not pacify them.

Why concentrate on actual fascists when you can call BUSHHITLER one? But, the article gets better:

The truth that we do not wish to face is that we cannot guarantee peace and freedom for the majority our citizens while playing host to a minority who value not peace and freedom but their opposites. Until we face this, we will continue to living in a war zone world, while the clamor for “peace” through gradual surrender will only grow. Barbarism cannot be fought with “hope and compassion,” not with love and understanding. Barbarism must be fought with will, with strength, and with war -- war and more war.

H/t: Knowledge is Power