Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Curious question of the day

Is it possible to think too much about stuff?

This leads into my rant about why I don't like women. No, not all women. But, an awful lot of them.

I've been accused, many times and always by women, of thinking too much about stuff. And that, apparently, makes me a bad - or less desirable- person. I find it kinda funny, because everyday I run across people who think a lot more and better than me.

I think the crux of the matter is that I just don't have a lot of use for women who, when they are not gossiping, back stabbing, or getting a good "hate on", are talking only about mundane or trivial things. Occasionally I like to delve into other issues. Politics is, of course, forbidden.But, I enjoy deconstructing a movie, or a book. "Reviews' are supposed to be a tad more in-depth than "two-thumbs way up." If discussing the symbolism, or the politics, in a movie is "thinking too much", than I plead guilty. If a tv show has an "agenda", I find it sorta interesting to discuss it.

What I don't understand, is why people don't like to think about stuff. How they can read, or watch things and NOT think about what makes it good or bad, and the messages it is trying to convey. I understand the need for mindless entertainment- that is the companion piece to the "thinking to much" accusations. Well, how much mindless entertainment does one need? An hour a day? Two hours? Three hours? When all the shows, and books, and movies one sees are all protected under the "mindless entertainment" clause, it's time to worry. And, why can't you discuss, critically, mindless entertainment?

I recently read the newest Harry Potter, which I considered "mindless entertainment." Yet, I can still be roused into a critical discussion of it. Does discussion take away from the "mindlessness" of it? Is there a limit as to how much a person can think -it is a commodity that must be saved, and not "wasted" on discussions of tv shows (which, as the national average states, is 27 hours a week) and cheap movels? I shudder to think that people are mindless for that much time each week.

I know there intellectually curious women out there. I do know a few. But, I envy those who are able to surround themselves with such rare creatures.