Monday, July 25, 2005

Lack of focus

I know, I know, I should be talking about Rovegate today, but my ADHD has me going off on weird tangents. I don't know WHY I can't stay focused. Anyway, I found this little bit by Omar of Iraq the Model, and I figured I'd share. Personally, though, I question the timing.

Who I pity most are the regimes and media that supported the terrorists and apologized for their doings.
They don't realize that eventually they won’t be able to keep themselves away from the fires of this war.
Their short sightedness is making them stand against their strategic allies and support the evil efforts of their inevitably future (if not current) enemies.

On the other hand I do believe that these waves of attacks in Egypt and London as well as Al-Qaeda's threat to Europe prove that their plans in Iraq are not working out.
Actually, terrorists in Iraq are paying a very high price but they're getting very little in return and their resources are being depleted while Iraq is getting stronger every week and whatever they're inflicting is not yielding the desired effects and in my opinion that's why they're trying to export their attacks to other targets they consider vulnerable or of high value.
This change in plans and tactics was made after the terrorists realized that their plans in Iraq have been rendered sterile and that was only because they were faced with tremendous determination and patience from Iraqis and their allies.

See how off-message that is? No mention of Karl Rove AND naively insisting that things in Iraq are going well.