Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Karl Rove*

Let's keep talking about Karl Rove because there is nothing else happening, right?

A suicide car bomber has exploded his vehicle near US troops handing out sweets in Baghdad, killing at least 25 people and wounding at least 25 more.

In case you missed it, the Humvee was surrounded mostly by CHILDREN, yet the bastard idiot scum obviously had his eye on those 72 virgins. The evil Americans were handing out candy to the kids, in an obvious attempt to undermine their society by causing tooth decay. I'm sure it was a plot sprung from Karl Rove's head.

It's been Karl Rove all the time, since about five minuets after the London Bombing. Interrupted, occasionally, by Dennis. No time for stories such as this one (H/t- Michele, ASV):

AT least 22 schoolchildren have reportedly been shot dead in a brutal raid on a remote village in northeastern Kenya.

What are 22 schoolchildren compared to vilifying KARL ROVE? I mean, he outed Valarie Plame (after she had already been outed by her own husband, but that's beside the point.) The salivating reporters are digging in their heels and getting to teh bottom of this one, damnit.

Besides, smug comedians can't put together cute videos of Kenyan children lying dead. No, it's much more amusing to cut and paste together five minuets of reporters grilling the white house spokesman, editing out the answers, and leaving him with the hems and haws. THAT is intelligent comedy.

I should give them credit, though. They are pretty good at staying on target. Rove. Bush. When things gets sticky, Halliburton. I will leave you with the following quote, from a contributor to the Jawa Report:

Overwhelming evidence indicates that the Muslim religion has been hijacked by a cult of thugs who intentionally kill innocent civilians, many of them women and children. This fact alone should be enough to shake the typical believer's faith.
Terrorists are criminals, plain and simple, waging a war against civilization and humanity. They have no loyalties save deathly violence. The grievances espoused by the terrorists are a mix of pick-any-card complaints that are impossible to satisfy because their real objective is the annihilation of all populations who are not subservient and enslaved to their death-mongering. Terrorists cannot be appeased, nor can they be satisfied. They will continue killing indiscriminately until they are exterminated.
True followers of the Muslim faith need to wake up and not take it anymore. They and their children are being murdered by fanatics.

This is the only story worthy of media obsession. Not Natalie Halloway, not a hurricane, and not Karl Rove. And, it would be nice if -occasionally- one didn't have to dig through the internet to find stories such as the Kenyan one. I know reporters don't want to actually live and report from there - but, I think we can handle to hear news without one of those genius reports actually standing in front of a pile of bodies.

*Rant published without editing. My mouth hurts, and I'm pissed.