Tuesday, January 04, 2005

An Iraqi's view on "Humanitarians"

Blogfather Spacemonkey points out an EXCELLENT article written by Naseer Flayih Hasan. After decades of living cut off from the world, Hasan believed that Western civilization held dear the ideals of democracy and human rights. Imagine her surprise when she met her first "humanitarians"- people who didn't want to hear that Saddam might have been worse than the "American occupiers." I especially like the following:

 This was very disappointing for someone like me, who thought for decades that the Left was generally the progressive power in the world.  You can imagine how aghast I was when my French reporter friend told me that the Communist Party in his country actually considers the “insurgents” to be the equivalent of the French Gaullists!  Or how troubling it is to hear Jacques Chirac take satisfaction from the violence wreaked by the terrorists—those bloody monsters that we Iraqis know so well—because they justify France’s original opposition to the war.

It is disappointing for all of us rational thinkers.