Tuesday, January 25, 2005

3000 pages later

The UN has released a 3000 word "report" on how to reach their "Mellenium Goals" (whatever those are.) Of course, it is about ending poverty, etc. Since no one is going to read the 3000 page, they also released a "report" of the report, which is where the following nugget can be found :

Former President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico, co-chair of the Project task force on trade, told the briefing that what had been missing in the international development debate were specific policies, strategies and resources. Much more funding was needed for overseas development assistance (ODA), Mr. Zedillo said, because it was time to relaunch the aid target, set in 1969 and confirmed in 2002, of having the 22 rich countries put in 0.7 per cent of their gross national product (GNP) as untied aid. <...> More than money was needed, however, he said. It was the responsibility of the rich countries to remove the obstacles to the global flow of goods and services.

I draw your attention to the last sentence in that paragraph. And, I ask - what would those "obstacles" be? And, how do we remove them?

I'm thinking- that's what we did when we pulled Saddam out of his spidey-hole.

Last night, O'Riley interviewed a "Progressive" that advocated (among many Socialist ideas) that we need to give more to the poorer countries. Well, that is all fine and good, unless you have some tyrant in the way that is skimming, controlling, or otherwise diverting those funds. We can do NOTHING for the people of North Korea, or Sudan, or countless other hellholes in this world unless we get rid of the "obstacles." And, while these "obstacles" steal from their people, they simultaneously fill their heads with American hate -because they can't have the populous hate the actual CAUSE of their misery- there might be a coup d'etate. No, much better to blame the US, a feat made all the more easy when you have the liberal American press leading the chorus.

h/t: Diplomad