Friday, January 14, 2005

I don't get the furor

So, prince darling wore a Hitler outfit to a birthday party, and just about everyone and his uncle has heard the story. People are aghast. People are so "shocked" and outraged. The focus is on the Royal Family and how they can make amends for this rather harmless bit of anti-semitism. Well, if we want to see some of the real examples of anti-semitism, we could turn our attention to France. In a time when Holocaust memorials have been vandalized, it is sad and pathetic that the world only turns it's attention to this matter when a member of the royal family makes a Nazi faux-pas.

Mein Kamp is number six on the Palestinian best seller list, but the world is focused on a prince wearing a Hitler armband. Bad taste? Yes, threatening to World Peace? Not so much.

But, I don't really think this is about anti-semitism, because that is on the rise in Europe. This is only an issue because Hitler is so reviled by MOST rationally thinking people. The fact that Hitler killed Jews is almost lost as a side note. He is merely a man who did some really nasty things. Forgotten, are the people who carry on Hitler's dream -not a British Prince, but radical Islamic Fascists- and friends of those who hate Israel.