Monday, January 03, 2005

Holiday visits, and being polite

One of my oldest friends was home for the holidays, and brought her husband over for a few hours of catching up. They are both University of Michigan graduates, and have lived in Manhattan for the last fifteen years. Her husband is an artist. Given these clues, you can (correctly) assume their political and ideological affiliations. When discussing movies, they mentioned that they recently saw "The Motorcycle Diaries". I said nothing, because I was being polite.

And now it's bugging the shit out of me. WHY didn't I say something? WHY? Sigh.

Jay Nordlinger has a long piece in the most recent National Review regarding Che Chic, and writes still more in todays NRO. I fear the next person I see wearing a Che shirt might be at the receiving end of my ire. It's really bad to let these things build up.