Friday, January 28, 2005

Garbage is garbage

In one of the most SHOCKING news items of the day, a gangster rapper has been arrested for being (get this) a GANGSTER!

“They don’t call it gangsta rap for nothing,” said Frederick Snellings, of the FBI’s New York criminal division. “It’s pretty clear that the image isn’t accidental.”

This story gives the details.

I see nothing good in rap music ... it sounds like crap, and it objectifies women as bitches and hoes. Sure, sure, make a blanket statement such as this- and someone will bring up the "good" rap music. But, turn on MTV, and watch a few rap videos, and what do you see? I don't see it, because I refuse, but I bet the first 5 rap videos you see will have a bunch of bitches and hoes shaking their ass for some pimped-up looking rapper.