Monday, January 17, 2005

Inaugral Brouhaha

The lefties had their panties in a wad this past week (including "Is-it-just-me?" sage Mitch Albom) over the upcoming $40 million inaugural party for Bush. Like parrots, they all squawk about Roosevelt's 1941 inauguration. Ok, it was low key, and good for him ... but what about in 1933 (for those historically challenged, that was during the Great Depression)? He threw a gala affair then. As bread lines wrapped around corners, Hollywoods shiniest stars showed up to party like it was 1928. Nothing like a bit of selective memory (or knowledge) to make a point ... when cherry picking through history, one should be a tad more thorough.

And, FTR, I see nothing wrong with a 40 million dollar privately funded party. What is spent on the Super Bowl? What advertising rates are paid? As Allah would say, I'm OUTRAGED.