Saturday, June 14, 2008


President Robert Mugabe vowed on Saturday that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change would never rule Zimbabwe and that he was prepared to fight.

"We shall never, never accept anything that smells of ... the MDC. These pathetic puppets taking over this country? Let's see. That is not going to happen," he said.

"We are prepared to fight for it if we lose it in the same way that our forefathers lost it (to British colonial rule)."

Honestly, I see his point. I mean, he's done such a STELLAR job of running the country ...

Zimbabwe's agricultural sector, once one of the most prosperous in Africa, has collapsed, and shortages of bread, milk and meat are common. Inflation is running at 165,000 percent and unemployment is 80 percent.

Certainly Mugabe is simply the most capable man for the job.

The former guerrilla commander told ZANU-PF youth members in Harare a day earlier that liberation war veterans had told him they would launch a new bush war if he lost the run-off.

"They said if this country goes back into white hands just because we have used a pen (to vote), 'we will return to the bush to fight'," Mugabe said

Mugabe doesn't care who he brings down with him. He'll kill every man, woman, and child in Zimbabwe to stay in power.