Saturday, June 14, 2008

Book Report

Breaking Dawn comes out August second, so I have about six weeks to chip away at my reading shelf. I should take a picture of my reading shelf ... it's basically a shelf of books that I've intended to read, but for one reason or another haven't. Reasons vary. But, I'm bound and determined to take at least a few of those books off the shelf this summer.

So, my target date is August second, because on that day I will be reading book four of The Twilight Saga. I don't know why I'm making such a big deal about my summer reading coming to a stop on that date. I'll probably be through the book by the third. Barely a blip of time.

But, I guess the biggest aspect of this two-month self-imposed exile is that until August second, I won't be reading ANY fluff books. Those candy books that are all story and no big words. I love 'em, but I doubt they are good for me.

Now, when I put down Breaking Daw (probably on August third) do I go back to the shelf, or do I get to read a few more fluff books? I mean, it's like potato chips. It's hard to eat just one.