Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Detroit school system faces another budget deficit. $400 million. Who do they blame? Those gosh-darn families who keep leaving the city AND those idiots who bail from the DPS and send their children to (unproven) Charter schools. Sure, Detroit schools have a 24% graduation rate, but what are all those teachers and administrators going to do when they have no children left to pay their salary to educate?

But, I had to scratch my head at this:

Other board members agreed the district should have cut jobs in the fall when enrollment fell by 12,000 students. A September 2007 memo from former board member Jonathan Kinloch warned of a crisis unless job cuts were considered. About 327 job cuts could have saved DPS $32 million this year, draft budget documents show.

Now, my math may be off, but it would appear that each employee costs the state $97,000. Let that sink in.