Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Offered with minimal comment, II

From HuffPo. Don't critiize O!™. The author is pissed, first, because someone on the left dared to criticize O!™'s decision to forego public financing:

When Jon Stewart seeks "balance" for his targets of satire he can end up reinforcing the false impressions that the Bush Republicans want people to have. It's unfortunate because political humor is a powerful force that can sway some of those "low information" voters the pundits have been flogging lately.

So too was the case last night when Jon Stewart ran a bit about Barack Obama's decision to eschew public financing. The Daily Show seized the issue as an opportunity to display "balance" and to poke fun at the Obama campaign. But not only did the bit fall flat it played right into the Republican line, which is full of half-truths and outright lies about Obama's decision.

Apparently Jon has wandered off the plantation and needs to be reigned in:

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show should be mindful whenever Obama is the target of their satire that they don't end up regurgitating Republican talking points. The Daily Show is far more influential than it was four years ago when Bush still had millions of people duped. The producers should be careful when poking fun at Obama not to provide fuel for the right-wing slime machine. Poke fun at Obama all you want, but do it in a way that also reveals the Republicans' mendacity and hypocrisy.

So, remember Jon, criticizing the Obamessiah is "regurgitating Republican talking points." I mean, certainly one would NEVER, EVER have reason to criticize O!

As if!