Monday, June 02, 2008

19 songs

Ok, I've got my playlist to burn for those who requested ... I made a few changes, because one of the Tool songs is 13 minutes long ... and I thought perhaps that's a bit much for someone not an afficionado ...

Also, a few of the songs were a bit ... hardcore as far as potty words, so took those out.

So here's the new list:

OLP- "Is Anybody Home"
APC- "Blue"
Radiohead- "Subterranean Homesick Alien"
-"The Bends"
- "Go To Sleep"
Sinead O'Conner - "Troy"
Smashing Pumkins _"Rhinocerous"
Susanne Vega -"Small Blue Thing"
Tears for Fears - "Pale Shelter"
The The - "Uncertain Smile"
Thomas Dolby - "I Scare Myself"
Tool - "Pushit" (some potty words on this one ,but I'm just too in love with the song to eliminate it - and it's almost 10 minuts long so we'll see ... I may have to edit .... arg)
Interpol-"Slow Hands"
Interpol- "Obstacle 1"
QOTSA - "I Never Came"
QOTSA-"In my Head"
Tragically Hip-"Bobcaygeon"

Ok, crap ... it's 1:31, and I think my discs are 90 minutes. So ... which one goes ...

Let's have a vote.