Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, what will it be today?

Will it be the miracle in Massachusetts? And why have we gotten to this point just one year after Hope and Change came to Washington?

Democrats and their media allies attribute it to GOP obstructionism, though Republicans lack the votes to stop anything by themselves. Or they blame their own Blue Dogs, who haven't stopped or even significantly modified any legislation of consequence.

Or they blame an economic agenda that wasn't populist or liberal enough because it didn't nationalize banks and spend even more on "stimulus." It takes a special kind of delusion to believe, amid a popular revolt against too much government spending and debt, that another $1 trillion would have made all the difference. But that's the latest left-wing theme.

The Democrats need to look inward, and assess their political over-reach. It definitely isn't a new era in Washington. It's the same old Washington on power steroids.

So, what's gonna happen today?