Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now this is the first thing she's ever written that made sense

Amanda, from Pandagon:

Here’s my prediction of what will happen: Democrats will drop health care reform like a lead balloon, starting this week. They weren’t able to move the ball down the field very quickly to begin with, and now they’ll feel like it’s impossible. Some of them, like the abortion boys Bart Stupak and Ben Nelson, have clearly wanted this all along, and will feel more empowered. Democrats will try to shore up their 2010 campaigns by running on obstructionism. The public will remember that Bush was able to run wild with a much smaller majority in the Senate and will decide the Democrats are liars and assholes for saying this. 2010 will be a bloodbath. Republicans will win possibly both houses of Congress, effectively bringing anything Obama might want to do to a halt, not that he was that bold to be begin with. Since the mortgage crisis is far from over, our economic turnaround will be short-lived indeed---most people will never know the news said it happened---and things will get worse. Obama won’t be able to do much besides hand the people who ruined our economy more money to flush down the toilet, because Republicans will block anything that actually puts money in the pockets of people who need it the most. Jane Hamsher will be blamed, and the media will demand that Democrats move to the right.
In 2012, if we’re lucky, Obama’s charisma and a lack of decent Republican candidates will put Obama over the finish line. If not, then the next disaster train of a Republican administration finishes the job Bush set out to do of destroying this country starting in 2012. Or they start off that job in 2016.

Or the Democrats wake up. *pulls self off the floor after hysterical sobbing laughter*

Of course, I'm curious as to what she means about Republicans blocking anything that "actually puts money in the pockets of people who need it the most."

But, on a day (after) like today, why quibble?

Of course, nothing is set in stone. Obama could pull a Clinton. Personally, I don't see that he has that in him.