Monday, January 04, 2010

Gotta work today ...

So, some music

Perhaps if they'd released a live album I would have liked it, because I couldn't stand much of the CD.

Here is my favorite Zep tune:

Heh - linked at Ace's, this piece about things you learn from watching Avatar. See here for a review.

That means that this film is the first I’m aware of in which, except for a few human heroes who are the exceptions, we’re meant to root and cheer for the destruction of humans in general. And destruction there is, aplenty. This fits in so nicely with the current notions of many of the AGW and PETA folks—that humans (especially of the first-world variety) are the scourge of an otherwise wonderful earth—that it makes me think the idea of humankind as a cancer on the planet has gone mainstream.

Yes, yes, I’m taking a frivolous movie too seriously. It’s just a fun romp with a lot of fine visuals, right? I suppose it is that. But movies have messages that reach many millions of people, and this one’s only just begun what promises to be a long and lucrative voyage around the globe.

I started this blog, years ago, basically due to the argument neo-neocon brings up right here. People thought I took things too seriously. Things like the messages in movies and tv shows. Why can't you just ENJOY it and turn your brain off.

That thought just frightened me, and I'm afraid it pervades our culture. Who cares? It doesn't have meaning. It doesn't affect our national conscious.

I'm actually probably more content with folks who see the movie and agree with the premise than those who watch and have no idea what messages it is conveying. Who are being propagandized passively. They are paying to be propagandized.