Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Mark Steyn:

On Sunday, the line from Obama, Kerry, and everyone else to the voters of Massachusetts was:

"We understand why you're angry. But don't let your anger with George W. Bush allow you to get tricked into voting for a Republican who'll obstruct the reform agenda you're crying out for."

Presumably even Patrick Kennedy isn't stupid enough to believe this. Even as elite condescension to the boob masses, it barely passes muster.

So, to steal a line from another blog, now is the time when we dance

Now is also the time where we stop name-calling in old threads.

Let us focus our attention on Scott Brown. Today is a day for pudding, and the Teabagger victory dance. Which is kinda like this, except with pudding.

More - what's next? The Coming Democrat Counteroffensive.

The 2010 midterm elections will be nationalized, and money spent by the Democrats and their allies will be staggering, as will the level of vitriol and mudslinging. Anything and everything must be expected.

The current Democratic leaders will rely on two assumptions: 1) that the electorate, after decades of peace, prosperity, and lack of civic education, is generally ignorant and apathetic towards the machinations in Washington, D.C.; 2) that gerrymandering, skewed election laws, and political financing regulations -- and most importantly, the fragmented nature of the opposition -- will greatly benefit the Democrats. The Left will be confident in the reelection of their own congressmen in sufficient number to maintain control of the levers of power in Washington.

Onto "teabagging" and the left's affection for it:

Everyone is aghast that the Democrats and the liberal media have employed a base and vile vulgarism not only to describe the activities of those who are sincerely concerned for the country's future, but also to denigrate the individuals, their motives, appearance, and social status. This tactic is used because it works.

It works because it distracts from the real issues by fomenting discussions about what is said and forcing a response to an absurd accusation or portrayal. The pundits, politicians, and leaders on the right feel obligated to respond and deny the allegations, thus giving them more credibility and allowing the Left to find ways to make even more outrageous charges, thus perpetuating the cycle.

Exactly. It works because it distracts. Like here. Like in comments. I suppose that is why Ace and friends have embraced the teabagger label, and thus started dipping their balls in the pudding.

Many have proffered the theory that the Left resorts to name-calling and hyperbole because they cannot defend their socialist and secular philosophy. While it is true that they must resort to emotion to sell their theories to the masses, the political strategy to achieve power is fragmenting the opposition by questioning their motives, accusing them of hypocrisy or criminal and unethical behavior, and by using election laws to skew close elections against them. As long as this strategy works, the Left does not have to defend its philosophical positions.

The only way to defeat the Left is to stop playing by their rules.

The modus operandi of the left is, often, to make the conversation personal. Calling us teabaggers, for example. It's a distraction and takes us away from the issues. What's going on in comments isn't helping Michelle buy fruits and veggies, and it's not advancing liberty.

So, time to cut it out. Don't make me have to figure out how to delete comments. And I don't want to hear about how anyone was slandered on a blog.