Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Leaked" memo

Insight into how the Democrats go from here, so be prepared to hear the following talking points from here on out.


· We welcome Scott Brown to the Senate.

· While Senator-elect Brown's victory changes the political math in the Senate, it does not change the challenges are country faces or the need to address them.

· We remain committed to strengthening our economy, creating good paying jobs and ensuring all Americans can access affordable health care.

· Senate Republicans have an obligation to the American people to join us in governing our nation through these difficult times and to help clean up the mess they left behind.

· It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own. Senate Republicans to come to the table with ideas for improving our nation and not obstructionist tactics.

· Saying "no" might be a good political strategy but it does nothing to create jobs or help improve the lives of struggling America

I wondered, all day, what tact the Democrats would take. It took 'em all day to come up with THAT?

Expect to hear the "Party of No" charge ad nauseam. Expect the Senate Democrats to fail to invite Senate Republicans to the table, and then charge that they "offer nothing." Expect to see faile bills, which are voted down because they haven't been created by bipartisan agreement, blamed on Republicans.

If Republicans are not offered any real ability to affect legislation, they only thing they CAN do is vote no. And I will stand by them for that.

I hope Obama trots out that mop analogy again. That one kicks ass.