Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This Netflix rental sat atop of my television for almost two months before I finally watched it. But, I'm glad I finally did watch it. Tsotsi is a very compelling movie, that is not so much about race, or Africa, but redemption.

Also, utterly fascinating about the movie, is the dialogue. Apparently in the theater release, they used voice-overs. What a mistake. I had to go searching for exactly WHAT language they were speaking (the "F" word is very clearly understandable, as are some complete phrases)l, and I found this:

Tsotsi is mostly spoken in a South African street patois. It's fascinating to listen to, as you can recognise a lot of English words, there's a bit of French in there too, and, presumably, Dutch. It's not an especially pretty language on the ear, but deal with it.

So, get the movie, and don't let sit there for a few months. Or, am I the only who does that?