Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Continuing My Little Game

Understanding the enemy:

Hudna is the Islamic term for a temporary peace.  It is a ruse that fools the enemy into believing that there is a genuine cease-fire in place rather than a temporary suspension of hostilities.  As the duped party lets their guard down, Muslims build up the military capability to destroy them (and do). 

The hudna was first practiced by Muhammad against the Quraish tribe, which paid for its gullibility with utter defeat (the enslavement of women and children, who watched as their husbands and fathers were taken prisoner and beheaded).  It has been integral to Islam’s military success down through the centuries.  The deception works because peace is the preference of human nature.  People tire of war and want to believe that Muslims tire of it as well, not realizing that there is an Islamic mandate to conquer and rule over all others. 

An excellent example of the modern hudna is what Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are currently doing to Israel.  After being attacked by the terrorist group in July, Israel pursued Hezbollah into Lebanon, pounding their infrastructure and exhausting ( by gritty absorption) the supply of missiles that were being fired into Israeli cities.  A peace deal was then imposed by the international community, by which Israel was obliged to return to its borders, Iran and Syria were to stop supplying Hezbollah with weapons, Hezbollah was to return its Israeli hostages and disarm, and the UN and Lebanon were to enforce all of this. 
The only party that honored the agreement was Israel… and they have gotten absolutely nothing for it.  Hezbollah is now fully rearmed (thanks to Iran and Syria) and the hostages remain in captivity – all this while the Lebanese and the UN have stood idly by.  After getting the peace agreement that it wanted, the international community did not do a single thing to earn Israel’s confidence. 
The hudna is not a game.  Lebanese and Israeli citizens will die in the near future when Hezbollah provokes another war, because the international community allowed the hudna.  But the next time around, there will be no excuse for Israel’s leaders to heed anything but the interests of its own people by doing whatever it takes to crush the threat once and for all.

You cannot take peace agreements at face value with Muslims.