Monday, November 06, 2006

Crib My Cheat Sheet

Dick DeVos (of course)
Terri Lynn Land (Sec of STate)
Mike Cox (Attorney General)
Mike Bouchard (U.S. Senate)

State Proposals:

1- State park, hunting, fishing and conservation fees protected from being raided to fund other things. YES
2-Ban affirmative action. YES.
3- Mourning Dove ban. No recommendation
4-Stop government from taking private property and giving it to another private property under eminent domain. YES
5. Require annual increased state funding to rate of inflation for public schools and colleges; reduce and cap retirement contributions by schools and colleges and shift remainder to the state (that second part is the DOOZY.) HELLS NO.

So , that last part would be simply, Yes, Yes, no opinion, Yes, and NO.

Now, in other civic duty news, it's time for me to give blood again. Gotta get a run in BEFORE I donate. Busy busy.