Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reading up on this Nancy Pelosi/Update

Doing a bit of research this morning. *.

Consider the case of Nancy Pelosi, the ultimate San Francisco big-government liberal, and leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. She is the daughter of Big Tommy D'Alesandro, boss of the Baltimore Democrat political machine. She grew up in a household built around the use of political power for personal gain, under the banner of compassion. In her career in Congress, she has garnered the highest praise from the AFL-CIO, the Americans for Democratic Action, and the League of Conservation Voters. She is grotesquely pro-union and pro-regulation, and a fierce "environmentalist," of course. Her favorite pastime is attacking people on her political right — which is everyone to the right of, say, Mao Zedong — as enemies of clean air, clean water, the working man, or whatever. To her, we're all greedy, vile exploiters of the poor.
Nancy Pelosi is worth more than $50 million — not bad for a champion of the poor.
Actually, to be fair, her favorite pastime is enacting laws to increase the power of unions, trial lawyers, and the federal government. But Pelosi's private life is all capitalist. She and her husband have a net worth of over $50 million — not bad for champions of the poor. Much of their wealth comes from real estate ventures, such as the development of the Corde Valle Golf Club and Resort in Silicon Valley. Schweizer documents how the Pelosis' private partnership (Lions Gate Limited) managed to get approval to develop some raw land over the objections of environmentalists and other local groups, by contractually promising that the club would be primarily a public course and that the development would be ecologically friendly. But the developers stiffed the public. The golf course turned out to be primarily for the use of the ultrawealthy: the hoi polloi have to reserve three days in advance and pay $275 for a round of golf. A membership at the club costs $250,000! And Lions Gate failed to live up to the promised environmental guarantees. When the San Jose Planning Commission started thinking about looking into whether Lions Gate had made fraudulent representations to get the development approvals, the Pelosis simply hired some local, well-connected lobbyists, and the Planning Commission backed away like frightened kittens.

She sounds like just a peach. Yes, just the person we want in charge of the House.

I just watched her victory speech over at Hot Air. And I took some notes:

First she mentioned that the Democrats are going to bring change and a New Direction to government. WHEW. I thought they had no plan. Change and a New Direction. That is exciting.

Next she promises that the Democrats are going to work toward bipartisanship. They are going to work together and restore integrity and honesty to Washington. Here is the biggie: the Democrats are going to lead the most honest, open and ethical Congress in HISTORY.

To continue, she will lead toward a "fairer economy." What does that mean? Pelosi is one of the wealthiest in our country; is she going to start passing out money? That would be fairer. To me. Then she starts going on about how all will participate in the prosperity of the economy. How is that going to work? I seem to remember Marx had the same idea. Lemme guess; higher taxes, raising the minimum wage, and anything that panders to those who don't pay any taxes at all (an ever increasing number in our country.) Really, it's a numbers game and the Dem have figured this out. Keep pandering to those who don't pay taxes, who will FLOCK to your promises. I don't know what they are going to do when they get to the end game; when those who pay taxes are so outnumbered by those who don't that our entire economy grinds to a halt by the democratic process of pandering.

Moving right along, she gets to the part of the speech where she lays out the Democrat plan for Iraq. Let me summarize it for you:
Stay the course is wrong
We need a new direction
Let's find a new solution

The only thing missing in this plan, is the actual plan. Oh well, I'm sure they'll come up with something soon!

Congratulations America!