Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RTO, from comments.

I hate to have this buried from a few days back (or yesterday), in regards to "mistakes" that have been made in Iraq :

No. A new direction can also mean that people making decisions haven't got either the requisite patience or the requisite understanding to grasp the situation and something has to be done to keep the busybodies and the uninformed from revolting.

I'm happy to entertain any actual examples of "mistake" however, but I have an idea this is one of those questions that just never gets answered.

Let me start the ball rolling, RTO. Our first mistake was that in an effort to win the hearts and minds of Iraq, we pussyfooted around, trying to minimize civilian casualties. Soldiers were asked to fight with one hand tied behind their backs.

We weren't ruthless enough. We obviously didn't kill enough of them.