Monday, March 13, 2006

Mean people suck

And, I think they should just stay home and not infect others with their nastiness. i could tell you the not-so-long, but mostly likely boring story that inspired this, but how about I don't, you just pretend to know the particulars. Or, better yet, insert your own story into the narrative and go from there?

Regardless, i think mean, nasty people should just stay home. Why don't they? I mean, Al Gore invented this wonderful internets- certainly people could find a way to live in their house without ever coming into contact with the unwashed masses of humanity they hate?

Which kinda segues into my next rant; people who especially hate children. Who can't, for even the smallest micro-second, be nice to ward those under the age of 16 (thereabouts.) This type often forgoes children and gets a bunch of cats, or a dog, and then overlays human traits upon them to pretend that they aren't actually a only, mean bastard. Now, I love my dog almost as much as I love my kids, but I know it's not a pseudo-human, with human emotions. My dog does not get placed above any family member - or any member of the human race (unless the person is breaking in my house, and then I hope Greta chews their face off.) To be perfectly honest, I believe a pet should serve a purpose besides just wrecking the furniture, and eat (and pooping.) My cats serve the VERY useful task of killing any and all rodents that might think about invading my home. And, Greta - well, the whole block is afraid of her, so I think you understand her purpose.

Oh, right, back to children-hating-people (with a special emphasis on crazy cat-ladies, since it was just such a lady that inspired this post.) What I don't understand is why people hate children. I can understand not wanting to be around "bad" children, but my children were behaving fine, when this crazy cat-lady started going off. I had to order my children to leave immediately, because I was way too close to going off in a rather ugly way.

When this lady is old and alone, I hope her cats can manage her care. Perhaps cats have a special meals-on-wheels program going. I say, if you hate humanity- leave it and die alone. Become a recluse. And hope that someone finds your body before your pets starts eating it.