Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm confused

Yesterday, in Washington D.C., the President of Liberia gave a speech of thanks to Congress. I went and checked my globe, and sure enough Liberia is in - get this- Africa! I have long been under the assumption that we didn't care about brown people - Kayne West told us so - so I'm sure there is more to this. Perhaps there is oil in Liberia? Anyway, here is a bit of the speech. This new lady President must be on Halliburton's payroll or something:

It was the leadership of the 108th Congress, more than two years ago, that paved the way for a United Nations force that secured our peace and guaranteed free and fair elections. It was your 445 million dollar addition to a supplemental appropriation that attracted additional commitments from international donors. With those funds, we have laid the foundation for a durable peace, not only in Liberia, but in the whole West African sub-region. Special appreciation goes to this 109th Congress for the effort, in recent weeks, to meet Liberia's development needs.

Honorable ladies and gentlemen of this Congress, I want to thank you. The Liberian people have sent me here to thank you - thank you for your vision. Our triumph over evil is also your triumph.

Our special relationship with the United States brought us benefits long before the autumn of 2003. Thousands of our people, including myself, have been educated in American missionary schools and gone on to higher training in this country. You have generously welcomed tens of thousands of our people as they fled war and persecution.

Obviously this woman has been brainwashed by American imperialists. It's sad, really. I looked it up, and apparently Liberia does export oil. Granted it's Palm oil (which sound like something dirty), but still I think we can safely continue to say that America only cares about brown people when there is oil involved. FIGHT THE POWER. I think we need to send Autum Ashante to Liberia where she can speak the truth to the sheep of Liberia:

White Nationalism Put U In Bondage

White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirate and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
Drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel, tricks and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look in our streets
The mis-education of she and Hegro — leaves you on your knee2grow
Black lands taken from your hands, by vampires with no remorse
They took the gold, the wisdom and all of the storytellers
They took the black women, with the black man weak
Made to watch as they changed the paradigm
Of our village
They killed the blind, they killed the lazy, they went
So far as to kill the unborn baby
Yeah White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
They drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel laden feet, throw in the tricks alcohol and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look at our streets.

Listen closely, Liberia, don't let this happen to you. The wise-words of a seven-year-old advise you to shake off your white oppressors in the US Congress. We just want to steal your your (palm) oil and kill your babies.

And, Barbara Boxer does kinda look like a vampire.