Monday, March 07, 2005

Ward Churchill: Still a jerk

I went and watched Ward Churchill's performance (or, should I say, Bill Maher's, because Maher didn't really let Churchill make or explain his own argument.) Many different comments on this can be found here, and here a probably a dozen other places. My problem with many libs (Micheal Moore inluded) is that they name/fact drop a dozen things in support of their position - BUT NONE ARE FACTUALLY BASED. Inaccuracies, distortions, and lies make up the entirety of their argument.

Watching the Maher/Churchill - the first thing that jumped out at me was when the duo where trying to set it up that there was "blood" on America's hands. "Slaves, America did that", Maher mentions, upon which they bandy about the figure of 30-60 MILLION slaves being on the bloodied hands of America (that crossed the MIddle Passage.) A rather impressive figure, huh? Well, 15 million (not 30- 60 Million) is the accepted figure of slaves that were shipped out of Africa (some say that is too high.) But, even that figure cannot be "pinned" on our Colonist hands ... just a tad over 500,000 African slaves landed on our shores- we got 6% of the exports. The bulk (38%) when to Brazil.

I could go on with discrepancies and intellectual dishonesties in this piece, but it's starting to bore me.

These two are anti-American. Maher suggests, at the end of the interview (as he's suggested before) that we erect a "Why they hate us" memorial. They have "valid reasons" to hate us, he says. I have yet to hear any intellectually honest reasons why they should "hate us." We are not perfect, but problems they (in the ME.E.) have in their society rest squarely on their own shoulders.

Bring it on.