Thursday, March 03, 2005

Stats I just wanted to know ...

In the US there are 3,487 people on death row.

72 of those people are (or were when convicted, and before yesterday's Supreme Court ruling) under 18. Matter of fact, 58 of them were 17, and 14 were 16 at the time of their crime.

There are around 1,312,990 abortions a year (2000 most recent stats I could get)

In that year, there were 8,560 abortions for women under 14.

Same year, 15-17 age range - 84,770 abortions

Same year, 18-19- 150,770 abortions.

18 states do not require parental permission for girls under 18 do have an abortion.

In another 14 states, they only require "notification", but not permission to have an abortion.

So ... a very small number of underage criminals can not be put to death, because they were too young at the time of their crimes ... yet 150,770 babies can be aborted by those under 18 ... many of them (I'm sure) in states where their parents didn't need to be asked or informed, because these same youngsters are able to make such decisions? So, regarding youth and the killing of life -if that life is INSIDE you, that a young person can make a decision independent of "higher" authority (their parents), but if they kill someone ELSE -that is an entirely different matter? Only THEN were they not old enough to be judged for their actions?