Thursday, March 24, 2005

BEWARE; the Religious Right

I've been reading and hearing, ever since W's reelection, that the RELIGIOUS RIGHT is in control. The populous is under the thrall of the bible thumpers (of course, not the liberals, who take their anti-thrall medicine, and are the only ones able to avoid the zombie-like affects of the religious right's rhetoric.)

Anyhoo ... I want to do a little run down of the accomplishments of the ALL POWERFUL RELIGIOUS RIGHT:


Ok, moving right along ...

Terri Schiavo - still no feeding tube.
Abortion - check, still readily available up until delivery.
Pornography - still "protected speech".
Offensive TV shows - available every night.
Prayer in schools (edit) - not on this continent.
Boyscouts -those little bastards have GOD in their pledge, let's kick 'em out of every park and building we can.

Shudder ... yes, that Religious Right ... I feel like I'm back in Footloose.