Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sorta Live-blogged

Only sorta, because it's I'm watching it a bit behind ... TiVo rocks. Plus, I'm not really live-blogging, because I'm not gonna publish until it's over.

Man, this intro is loooong ... where's my TiVo remote?

Ryan's hair is getting too pointy. I've noticed this the last few weeks. All the hair on his head comes to a peak in the middle.

Gawd, what is Paula wearing? I can't decide if I like it or not. It's shiny. Kinda has a bit of a pleather look on the bottom.

THREE songs each? Top three? Already? You know, I like David Cook, but he bows as if he were accepting a humanitarian award or something.

David Archuletta first. Billy Joel So It Goes, picked by Paula. Bring it on. Pat says Paula is looking hawt. Actually, David is kinda dressed like Billy Joel- leather coat ... tie ... if only he'd rolled it up to his elbows.

Ok, not digging it. Kinda boring. Husband pipes in David A is going to win. Who asked him? Not me.I'm falling asleep .... I honestly don't care how well he sings it.

Paula chose a "dope" song. Thanx Randy. @@ Pure and stunning says Paula. Please, Simon, save me by saying how boring. YES, a bit predictible. I'll take that.

Seyesha - Alicia Keys ... Randy. If I Ain't Got You. Nothing earthshattering. My husband says (now) SHE is the American Idol. Again, his opinion wasn't asked. Must Kill Husband ... he says David Cook is going down tonight. Before we've heard him sing ONE song.

They're reviewing, and I just don't care. Thanks Girl. Where the heck did that come from? I guess she's just keeping it real. I wonder, have her results improved since she straightened her hair? I haven't seen it all funky in weeks.

David Cook - "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack? Is he trying to kill him? Simon hates David C. Gives him a tough song -- and the other two get cake walks. Nice.

I mean, what the heck can he do with it? I think David Cook is thinking Fuck you Simon the whole time he sang it. Middle part, he's turning it nice. SIMON IS CLAPPING at that part. The falsetto was shaky, but he made it work. The song built ... had a nice development. That, imho, is what all the other singers lack in their interpretations. The songs just don't go anywhere. Randy is wrong. He did a good job. Everyone boo Randy.

HA, take THAT husband.

David A. His choice. OH lord. "With You" by Chris Brown. Who the heck is that? My son tells me it's kind of rap. But, I don't know if he knows. Doesn't sound like rap. He doesn't have a voice at all for anything "young" sound. Adult contemporary. Or Disney. Up With People, perhaps. Funny that he can't pull off "new and young" given that he's ... 17? Paula is completely wrong. Simon ... YES. Awkward. It's not "you."

Seyesha- "Fever" by Peggy Lee. How derivative is this performance gonna be? She's wearing a dress for votes. Apparently she took my advice. How good would her performance be if she was fat and just stood in the middle of the stage? Only interesting note was the last one. What do you know - Paula told her she looked lovely. Lame caberet. Yep.

David Cook ... what is he going to pick for himself? Switchfoot - Dare You to Live. Beginning is kind of weak. A bit too much like the original. Reminds me of the self-indulgent pick of Our Lady Peace. It was just ok. Paula is right ... too much song for a minute-thirty.

Ok middle-round for all three. None of the three were able to parlay that into anything interesting.

OH MY GOD - Dan Fogelberg. Man, this song is everything bad in singer-songwriter rock genre and David A wrapped into one shit enchilada. Cheesy. BLA. Perfect for David ... and that should say just about everything. YES. Simon. The song and the lyrics were so horrible. YES YES YES. But, I do give David A some of the blame, because he sang it so well. Crap like that was made for him.

Seyesha - last chance. Producer's choice ... Ryan said it too fast; I have no idea what it is. I'm sure it's one of those songs by one of the multitudes of black singers who I really can't tell apart. Because they all sing alike. And all their songs sound the same.

Happyfeet soundtrack? Paula guesses that it's not going to be good enough to get into the final.

David Cook ... moving right along. WHAT will it be? How many spoiled Hollywood brats are in that audience?

"I'm not gonna miss a thing?" Aerosmith. So far I'm not feeling it. Who the heck are these producers? The SAME idiots who did Beatles two weeks IN A ROW. I don't know ... he's trying to do it like Steven Tyler ... and not really comparing.

Paula is standing up, which is always a good sign. Randy ... for me ... I love the song, it was OK. Very predictible. Paula is over the edge over it.

Simon ... David Cook wins the night. Perhaps I need to re-watch.

Hubby - guesses Cook goes.
So ... there you have it. What do you think? I think Archuletta should be flogged for that Fogelberg song.