Thursday, May 01, 2008

AI wrap-up

You know, I thought Brooke understood that she needed to cry BEFORE the vote. It did her no good last night. The kiss of death, for Brooke, was Simon's pronouncement that Seyesha was in trouble. That prolly got the fingers dialing for their girl.

So, that leaves us with David, David, Seyesha, and Jason.

Will it come down to a David v David finale? Seyesha has some sort of magic working for her - the same magic that gave us last year's winner -yawn.

I sorta hope the smiling goofball wins, because if David Cook is force to record this year's incarnation of This Is My Now:

... well, I don't think any of us want to see that happen, right?

I mean, you do remember this, right?

You don't want to see that happen to David Cook, do you ?

My son, Ian, says we certainly don't need any more songs about flying or believing ... I think that's probably about right.