Thursday, May 15, 2008

David v Goliath

Or David v David. Seyesha did her best to work that dress (and chair) but it wasn't enough.

But now David Cook has a real problem. He's gonna be forced to perform - live- whatever shmaltzy tune the producers have picked as this year's "original hit" the eventual winner will be forced to rewarded with the opportunity to record. These producers are the same people, I must remind you, who picked a Dan Fogelberg song for Archuleta and Beatles tunes for TWO weeks in a row. I'm getting a vision ... yes, it's becoming clearer ... HERE ME NOW ... the song will suck.

Wow, that was powerful. I've never had the talent of knowing the future ... but here it is, clear as day.

On a final note - who the hell told the American Idol Idiots producers that we were interested in an HOUR LONG results show? I usually don't watch it anyway, but last night we watched the whole damn thing in real time (sob) and it was painful.