Monday, December 11, 2006

While at Target...

Living in Detroit, it's not the most unusual or unexpected thing to see a Moslem here and there. Head scarfs are rather common. I've seen Jilbab-clad women complete with head-scarfs at the beach (in 90 degree weather) watching their children and husband swim. But never had I seen a woman dressed with a niqab; the face veil that leaves just a slit for the eyes.
The woman I saw was with her husband and two children, walking through Target. Was it a coincidence that the woman walked behind her traditionally-styled bearded husband? The lady (although who can really be sure what was behind all that black fabric) tried to inspect a shirt for sale, and had to put her head close and turn her head this way and that to see it all. I imagine it's like trying to look out of a halloween mask.
Why do these people want to live here? I seriously want to know. I do question the motives of those who move here, yet are not in the smallest bit interested in assimilating. The Nigab is not just a piece of cloth. It represents, to me, the opposite of everything America stands for.