Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Media Bias? IV

You know, the media that doesn't headline every war dead, or suppress terrorist threats that exist in the US?

Call me crazy, but I could have sworn there was some super-huge story out of Chicago yesterday? I planned to read -up on it today, but I searched and searched my local paper and the only story I could find from Chicago was about four people being shot in an office building. Funny, I really thought I heard something (you know, on my right-wing wacko radio programs) about a Methodist youth planning some special fireworks for the Holiday shoppers around the 22nd at a mall.

I'm sure it was Fauxnews media distortion. Rovian plot. Nothing to see here folks. I am so relieved that there is no terrorist threat in this Country (I think that phrase has been trademarked to Michael Moore, I hope I don't owe him royalties.)

Now, I've got to go do some Christian do-good stuff, but I hope to have some pictures up later.