Friday, December 01, 2006

Shame On You

Detroit's blood donation rate is 1.1%. That means, for those of us who went to public school, that only one out of ONE HUNDRED residents of Detroit donate blood.

What it [ed] also means, is that the community that lives in the city is at danger because type O is the most common blood type among it's residents (the 85% of the population that is black), in addition to being the type which is always in the shortest supply. Metro Detroit has a donation rate of 4%, dragged down from the national average of 5% by Detroit, most likely.

You know what? No amount of federal money, social programs, or racial preferences are going to change this. The brothers and sisters are just going to have to step up and open a vein.

It's free, it takes about an hour of your time, and is often offered at churches, hospitals, and businesses. There is no excuse for the pitiful levels of donation in Detroit. Shame.

Addendum: Detroit opened a blood donation center with the hope that easier access would increase donation levels. Well, it's open now only two days a week due to inactivity, and is in danger of closing.