Monday, June 29, 2009


Erm ... about that no tax hikes for the middle class promise Obama made ....

Apparently the expiration date has expired. Axelrod, speaking for Obama, says that all options are on the table. Or, as he calls it, "formulations."

And then there's this. Canada sure has come up with some amazing cost-cutting measures, haven't they? A couple shows up at a hospital to have labor INDUCED, yet as the labor progresses, no one shows up to help. The father delivered the baby, because the two "nurses" (excuse me, what about a doctor?) were too busy. There was also this little interesting tidbit:

"Both nurses were hard at work" in the pre-natal waiting area where Lachapelle had been placed. She was sharing a room with two other women with at-risk pregnancies.

WHAT? You know, while giving birth I didn't need too many creature comforts. I didn't need one of those fancy bathtubs, or a rocking chair, or a special dinner afterwards. But, I did want my OWN FREAKIN ROOM. Matter of fact, that would be pretty much on the top of the list.

h/t: Mark Steyn.