Saturday, June 20, 2009


I haven't posted about it, because this week has been kinda hectic, but I assume everyone's been following it closely.

Musiloon says that the Iranians need our help. What can we do? Well, go read.

Reader's digest for you non-clickers?

1. blog about it.
2. a) Pressure the media
b) Twitter, facebook, and google are better venues that pressuring the Iranian government
3. Join with liberals. Put aside differences to unite.
4. Wear green. On your icons, on your blog, etc.
5. Support cyber-revolutionary activities.

As a kind of funny side-note, yesterday the Khamenei brought up the Branch Davidians episode in his sermon yesterday.

Even inside the U.S., one is amazed, during the time of the administration of these very Democrats, the Democratic Party in America, the time of the presidency of the husband of this so-called “lady” who expresses her opinions, 80, 80 something people who were a part of the Davudi sect, were burnt alive; there’s no room for denying this. These “excellencies” did this deed; it was these very Democrats…the Davudi sect which they themselves call BRANCH DAVIDIANS. For some unknown reason, these people incurred the wrath of American and inside a house…they went over there and besieged the place and whatever they did, they didn’t come out and so they ended up setting the house on fire and 80 something men, women and children burned alive! You think you know something about human rights.

For "some unknown reason" ... that guy is a hoot.