Saturday, June 13, 2009


Starting NOW, we are going to be deluged with tv ads promoting Obamacare; I saw one just last night on Fauxnews! What isn't going to be told, is that it is the intention of the democrats to get rid of private insurance. They are not saying that now for obvious reasons, but Obama has stated it in the past, and other democrats are admitting it before friendly audiences.

The public system will slowly (or not so slowly) eat away at all the private insurers, until employer provided insurance is no more. Don't take my word for it, watch the video. It's right there.

So, no one will need to work in order to get health insurance. No one will feel any sort of loyalty toward an employer because they offer a "good insurance" policy, even though, tax-wise, they are in effect paying the bill.

No, the "thanks" for "free" healthcare will go to the "government" and the democrats who brought it to you.

And, what do you want to BET (I'm telling you now) that politicians will have a different plan? Just like liberals are the biggest supporters of the status quo in public education yet send their own kids to private schools.

H/t Hot Air.