Thursday, June 11, 2009

Linky links and a boring rant

Light presence on the web while I name the 1000 worms I got yesterday in the mail wait for my bandwidth to return (DEATH TO HUGHESNET!)

Links Bob won't read:

Resercons and why they suck.

About that inflation stuff Ocean Cat said wasn't happening last week .... But WAIT, there's more more bad news.

Letterman is not funny. I hear he has a show on tv. Not that's I'd know, since I stopped watching him around 1988. I think my favorite response is a comment at Protein Wisdom by Joe of Cold Fury:

I would encourage Todd Palin to look that Letterman punk up and punch his lights out, and to do it soon. Some things are ‘fighting words’ and require an ass-kicking, and that kind of public insult should not go unanswered or unpunished. I doubt you could find any jury with a father on it that would consider a good mouthful of fist and plenty of lost teeth as anything but that loathsome turd’s just desserts. And if we wish any kind of a return to civility, that type of immediate physical correction of progressive nastiness is exactly what is required.

But what’s really needed here is a little more tit for tat, expressed in a manner the dimwits might understand, to wit:

I think that by way of apology, raping Letterman with a baseball bat live on his own show might be a bit much. Maybe just his fugly wife. But hey, wouldn’t Palin actually be doing Letterman a favor by knocking out those nasty teeth? I mean, the ones in her vagina?

See how I did that lame and unfunny rape joke, lefties? Just as lame and unfunny as Letterman’s, but without the kids. So Learn it. Live it. Love it. Because if one of you nasty little ‘comedians’ ever says something like Letterman did about Palin’s kid to me, you’re going to wake up in a hospital. Yup. From now on I’m going to be all about “no, fuck you up if I can’t take a joke”. See, I’ve learned. No more self-imposed limits or silly moral rules. No need for any consideration or tolerance of any opinion but my own. Yeah. Finally. At long last.

I’m just like you.

I'm gonna start using the it was just a joke defense a LOT more.

Warning. Totally irrelevant rant ahead:

Well, this now stretches my limits of patience for waiting for pages to load with the gawd-awful HughesNet service. F*#k-You very much, HughesNet. $100 bucks a month ($600 bucks for equipment) and I can't even download/upload a single thing w/o limiting my service (for 24-fraking hours). Yes, folks, you are limited to a certain amount of bandwidth per 24-hour period, and if you go over, you get basically nada NOT until that 24 hour period is up ... but for the FOLLOWING 24 hours.

So, exceed your allowance on hour 23 of HughesNets calculation? Sorry, you aren't limited for that last hour, but for the next 24.

We don't game here. He don't download movies. I basically don't do anything but read blogs.